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Neryla Jolly is an Orthoptist with expertise in vision and driving assessments.

Neryla specialises in off and on-road assessments for drivers with vision defects, such as poor visual acuity, peripheral vision loss and eye movement disorders.  Neryla has over 20 years of experience at Sydney University, School of Orthoptics, as well as numerous publications, conference presentations and educational seminars.

Vision and Driving Assessments include:

  1. Off-road assessment of visual standards against the Austroad standard and the RMS application of the standard.
  2. Education of the driver about licensing requirements and their visual standard in relation to the RMS standard.
  3. Remedial steps to support return to driving, eg prisms for diplopia.
  4. Reports to the RMS, reports for Court cases and reports to the referring practitioner.
  5. On-road assessment when legally eligible to drive – that is, meet the vision standard but need support to manage their vision issue, eg peripheral diplopia, recently gained monocular function or following a Directive from Court.

Neryla commenced at Epping Eye Surgery in April 2015.  Appointments can be made direct with Neryla on 0425 315 954 or contact Epping Eye Surgery.