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Prior to seeing our doctors, all patients will be seen by the orthoptist. Barbara Dennison and Val Tosswill have  been practicing orthoptics for over 20 years. Throughout their careers, our orthoptists have worked in both public and private settings and have a diverse knowledge of orthoptics and general ophthalmology. Our orthoptists have authored many papers, presented at both state and national orthoptic meetings and are members of Orthoptics Australia.  In 2020, we welcomed new orthoptist Michelle Wu onto the team.  Michelle brings her expertise in ophthalmic work-ups and a passion for childrens’ eye disease and ocular conditions.

Barb, Val and Michelle all have a keen interest in strabismus, ocular motility and amblyopia. Additionally, our orthoptists perform diagnostic tests in relation to glaucoma, cataract and retinal/corneal abnormality.