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What To Expect

Upon arrival at Epping Eye Surgery, all patients will be greeted by our friendly reception staff. Your personal details and referral will be recorded. A current referral will allow you to receive the Medicare rebate. Please ensure that you bring your Medicare/DVA card, private health fund details, valid pension/concession card, glasses and a list of your current medications. Please allow approximately 1½ hours for your visit as you may need dilating drops or additional tests done on the day. After payment, we are able to electronically send your receipt to Medicare in order for you to receive your Medicare rebate promptly.

Once the reception staff have confirmed your details, you will be seen by the orthoptist. If it is your first visit with us, they will take a history to determine the reason for your visit as well as take details of your general health, medications, family history and previous eye treatment (please bring your glasses with you on the day).   The orthoptist will then tailor the assessment to your/your child’s ability and needs. Eye drops may be instilled by either the orthoptist or the doctor. Additional tests might be undertaken depending on your particular eye condition eg field test if you have high eye pressure/glaucoma, scans in preparation for cataract surgery.   Your ophthalmologist will check the health of both the inside and outside of the eye, determine if glasses or surgery is necessary and detail the appropriate course of treatment needed for your/your child’s eye condition. Further appointments with our specialists, external specialists or other agencies (eg CT Scan, MRI) will be made in consultation with you whilst you are here. If surgery is needed, we will streamline the process by assisting in the preparation and completion of any necessary paperwork. We will alleviate your surgery or treatment concerns with a step by step explanation of what to expect.